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Before you can establish your presence online, you must first have a unique identity through the right and most relevant domain name. Ideally, the name that you choose should make your site and email easy to remember.

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Simply click on Start your domain name search now to get started. Type in the name that you have in mind on the space provided and hit go. Find out instantly if the domain name is available and has no duplicates.

For Every Domain Service You Purchase, There are Free Extras That You Can Enjoy

We also guarantee Auto Renew Protection that secures your domain name by automatically renewing your registration. You can forget about manual renewal and still keep your domain hosting website builders and other products. Total DNS Control allows you to manage your domain name server records, and set your email, FTP, website location, sub-domain and other features. All these are made easier by our domain control center. Status alerts, on the other hand, warn you of any changes and monitor key status indicators.

Domain Locking to Prevent Unauthorized Transfers

But the best feature is Domain Locking that prevents unauthorized or accidental transfers, changes and misdirection. It has been known to happen that websites get redirected and owners would have no knowledge about it. In the business world, this could mean loss of clients and profit. If the act is meant to deceive clients, it can ruin a company’s reputation.

Easy to Change Domain Registrant or Transfer Domain

Should you want to assign your domain name to another registrant, you can easily change registration online. You can just change all four contact fields of the domain you want to re-assign whenever you want. Take note that this option is not available for .UK domain names.

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When choosing a domain name that is memorable, unique, and relevant to your business or personal needs, let Syntelex help you. Contact us any time at: 480-624-2500