Microsoft Surface Pro is a Recommended Product Used by Many Professionals

Microsoft Surface Pro has many great features. The image quality is fantastic, has good battery power to work long hours, and lots of versatility. It’s light weight, touch screen, convenient to use, and is a 2 in 1 pad that can be used as a  mobile work computer or tablet. Microsoft Pro Tablets  are also good to use for website designers, graphic designers, marketers, financial analysts, insurance professionals, and company executives.

Although Microsoft Surface Offers Many Benefits and Features, and The Benefits Seem to Mentally Outweigh Any Negative Reviews There is One Feature That Can Make You Really Regret Your Purchase

If you love traveling, working in the field, and in many cases working remotely due to Covid-19 – not being able to connect to the internet may have some unexpected consequences, especially if you’re a workaholic and can’t get your work done without an internet connection. This was exactly the issue with a large health care provider that invested in 120 Microsoft Pro Tablet to help their staff work remotely and in the field.

80 percent of the company’s workforce couldn’t connect to a secure network through their iPhone mobile hotspot using their Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. The IT team couldn’t figure out why the tablets were not able to connect, even after clicking to connect to the mobile hot spot. For this particular health insurance company, this simple glitch could cost the company millions of dollars if not corrected on time.

Hot Spot Connectivity Between iPhone and Microsoft Has Been A Frequent Issue

Hot Spot Connectivity Issues Between iPhone and Microsoft Surface is a Popular Issue Have Occurred Since 2013; The first comment posted regarding Microsoft Surface Hot Spot Connectivity issue appeared in the Microsoft Community Help Forum. This is a popular issue, and at Website Designer NYC, we personally use 4 Microsoft Surface Pro Pads, and all four tablets had the same connectivity issue.

After Some Digging and Research, Finding A Solution Was Easier Than Expected

The Solution to the  underpinning technical connectivity issue was a simple 3 second fix. Here’s the simplest and quickest 3 second fix that can help save you from connecting to an unsecure network and hinder you from being able to surf the web and continue on with your day.

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Go to About
  4. In the name section, change the name of your Hot spot to any other name.
  5. Now turn on your mobile hot spot, and your Wi-Fi on your Microsoft Surface Pro and connect to your Hotspot.

For most working professionals, secure internet connectivity is important, and having convenience in being able to use your iPhone Hot Spot to connect to the internet is even more important nowadays. The simple 3 second fix can help put your mind at ease, and appreciate your decision for purchasing this versatile tablet. We hope you enjoy this simple trick and share this info with your other friends or colleagues who  are having the same issue with Microsoft Surface Pro.

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