Currently, a Majority of People Are Turning to the Internet to do Almost Everything

With the current direction to the digital age, it is not surprising. Millions of people use social media for a considerable amount of time during the day, while the same percentage use Google to search for everything that they need to look up. Such a scenario can be beneficial for your business as this can be a tool to inform potential customers about what kind of service/product provider you are compared to the ones that have you have seen before. Here are some reasons why Facebook and Google reviews can provide help for your business:

1. They can increase your organic search click-through rates (CTR)

If you have enough Google reviews, there will be a possibility that you will have business reviews displayed right next to your business website listing. So, every time your website gets a hit from a Google search, potential customers can find your business’ review rating where they can get a preview of what your business can provide for you.

2.  They provide a good proof of social interaction with your current customers

What’s nice about social media websites such as Facebook is that they allow users to provide reviews on a certain listing they saw or have used. This way, first-hand information from a user whom you have already provided your service/product to will give an impression of who you are. Of course there will always be mixed reviews of a positive and negative nature, but when you interact with those users, it creates a good impression as such interactions being a product/service provider creates a perception that you are open for suggestions.

3. Reviews build trust

In reference to point #2, interacting with and replying to reviews can provide a good impression. Aside from the fact that reviews are a barometer for the chance for a potential customer to use the service/product you are offering, interacting with those reviews can create an atmosphere of trust among users and your business. Whether by replying to negative reviews and making a promise to do better or looking for ways to improve or just by posting an appreciative reply to a positive review, it will create a trustworthy impression that your business is open for improvements and ready to interact with customers.

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